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  English version of the French Best Seller. Educational, it breaks taboos around female sexuality.

Hello, my name is Julia,

I am 30 years old, and if started this book, is because no one ever told I had a clitoris before! My body just froze, when I learned that the clitoris had been discovered no sooner than 1998. Unfortunately, no, that's not a typo. The exact anatomy of the clitoris dates back to 1998!

No publishing house wanted to publish my book because the subject was too taboo. So I decided to write this self-published book and it was a great success in France. Today, I offer the book in English.

  👉   This is a beautiful illustrated hardcover book that you will love! More than 100 pages about female pleasure & clitoris history. It is a cry of love, an ode to sorority against the lack of knowledge about sexuality.  

👉   There should be no mistake about this educational book. There are no porn images.

👉   Based on over 6000 testimonials. We share our habits, our techniques, our doubts, our complex, our magical stories… about female masturbation. And you know what ? We have gold at our fingertips.

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