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The independence of women is above all an economic issue.

Only 5% of women are entrepreneurs in the world.

Let's increase this number together ✊

My coaching

I guide you on your journey as an entrepreneur, so that you can not only succeed, but also prosper in your professional adventure.

Need inspiration or specific technical advice, I am here to help.


To undertake is to emancipate oneself

My expertise focuses on female entrepreneurship and self-publishing feminist books.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, I have traveled the path of starting a solo business. I learned the tricks of the trade, I suffered a few failures, but above all I learned valuable lessons. My experience has allowed me to master a diverse range of skills, from writing to marketing strategy to time management.

My coaching does not just give you theoretical knowledge, it is action-oriented. Together, we will develop concrete action plans to stimulate your growth and professional independence.

Julia Pietri

  • Decisive support in the development of my writing. With Home , I shelter women victims of violence.

  • Julia has a natural ability to take us to the end of reflections. I gained a lot of time to launch my well-being project for women.

  • She helped me a lot to understand how to get paid for my project and how an association works. This year I’m releasing season 3 of my Décalés Podcast

My coaching

Youth Edition

Let's rethink the codes of our children's books, with humor and kindness!

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