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Gang du Clito

Coaching - How to self-publish?

Coaching - How to self-publish?

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🎉 Want to self-publish your book? How to go about it ?

👉 Make a 2-hour appointment for tailor-made individual coaching with me and I will answer all your questions to implement your project.

📌 No matter the stage of your project: Idea, writing, manufacturing, marketing, communication etc...

📌 Learn all the secrets of self-publishing to get started with the right practical advice.

📌 You will discover how to write, organize, format, publish and promote your book effectively according to your profiles.

📌 Understand the challenges of self-publishing, the strengths and the functioning of the book ecosystem.

📌 You'll avoid common mistakes, save time, and maximize your impact as a freelance writer.

👉 Reserve your place today

Your literary adventure begins here 🎉

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