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Better Call Julia

Magik'Clito candies - VEGAN clitoris candies

Magik'Clito candies - VEGAN clitoris candies

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🍬Clitoris Candies - Revolutionary, Delicious, and Vegan!

In the sugary shadow of the revolution, a sweet surprise emerges...

🍬 The first clitoris candy in the world, designed in France and 100% Vegan!

🍬 Created by Julia Pietri, these candies are free of chemical colors and preservatives. 100% fruit

But why invent clitoris candy?

👉 First of all, for fun and humor, of course! There's no reason why there are only "penis" candies, eh?

👉 But above all to break taboos.

These clitoris candies are perfect for starting conversations with a little laugh. Just bring a package to a party, to work, to a hen party, or even to a birthday, and you will cause a sensation. Open discussion guaranteed!

While penis-shaped candy is widely available and accepted, it is rare to find similar products depicting the clitoris. This symbolic disparity reflects the gender inequalities and sexist norms that persist in our culture.

As an educational tool, clitoris candies are a great way to initiate discussions about sexuality, gender equality, and female anatomy. Their unique shape attracts attention and arouses curiosity, providing a valuable opportunity to discuss topics in a relaxed manner.

They can be used in educational contexts, during theme evenings, or simply as a fun and casual way to promote knowledge and dialogue around female sexuality.

Who will recognize the shape of these delicious candies around the table?

Each sachet contains 150g of fruity pleasure!

Flavors of orange, passion fruit, lemon, cherry, pineapple and raspberry.

🍬 Made in Germany, unique creation by @gangduclito

Ingredients : Glucose syrup, sugar, water, concentrated white grape juice; plant extract (Spirulina, Safflower, Elderberry, Red radish), Carnauba wax, flavors, concentrated apple juice, Apricot, Pear, Vegetable gelatin


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