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12 ideas for committed and feminist gifts

Feminism is embedded under the tree with the Clito Gang boutique.

 12 ideas for committed and feminist gifts.

Clitoris puzzle, Clitoris pendant, Candy in the shape of a clitoris! Bananas but also feminist books. More than 30 committed and feminist products are available in our feminist store. The creations are all designed with respect for the environment. We manufacture our products in France and in Europe, and each time in human-sized companies.

And that's not all, each creation has a meaning, a reason for being to help democratize feminism for all.

The transmission of values ​​and the history of feminism must continue from generation to generation. The Women's Revolution is underway... And we are part of it!

Feminist mugs, feminist cards, Clito Gang badges... This is why, like its creator, Julia Pietri, the Clito Gang advocates Pop' feminism, that is to say a gentle mix of pop culture and pedagogy to democratize the values ​​of feminism to as many people as possible.

Founded in 2018, the Clito Gang's publishing house is called Better Call Julia. Specializing in feminist works for young and old and recognized for its committed bestsellers, we are delighted to present them to you here.

Committed creations, always made with the closest possible love, almost always in France, sometimes in Germany and Spain depending on the artisans, but always in an ethical circuit of small businesses on a human scale.

Humor is the best way to popularize things. It helps to play down feminism. We often tend to think that feminism is violent and radical, that it wants to reduce men to ashes. When it is quite simply a question of demanding equality.

The Gang du clito feminism boutique offers you a selection of 12 ideas for committed and feminist gifts. Click on the image below

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