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Better Call Julia

Big Bang Feminist. How to live your feminism?

Big Bang Feminist. How to live your feminism?

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⭐️ A short guide to feminist introspection.

⭐️ Written and illustrated by Maud Blondeau

⭐️ In the last 50 years, we have obtained more rights for women than in 2000 years of history. We are experiencing an unprecedented feminist revolution, of which we are part.

⭐️ This book accompanies you in your feminist introspection, helps you identify your external but also internal limitations in order to find your original version!

⭐️ However, it's not easy to experience your feminist metamorphosis. It is a strong inner upheaval, in which we encounter many contradictions and fears. We are confronted with patriarchy in everyday life: at work, in the family, in the street and even in our relationship.

⭐️ There is no large-scale feminist revolution that does not begin with an inner (r)evolution.

⭐️ The metamorphosis of our society changes us as much as we have the power to change it.

⭐️ Feminism should not be an additional injunction. “Bad feminists” do not exist! Feminism is not a dogma. There is as much feminism as there are women on this earth, it's up to you to find yours.

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