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Welcome to our feminist store

Welcome to our feminist online store, a place where gender equality, autonomy and feminism are in the spotlight. You may be wondering what makes our store unique and why you should take a look?

Let me explain.

1. Products that have meaning and educational value

Our store offers a diverse range of products, from books and posters to candies and educational sheets, which convey a clear message: gender equality is essential. These items are more than just objects; they are declarations of intent. They remind everyone that equality, respect and autonomy are fundamental rights.

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2. A woman runs this business

We are one of the 5% of companies run by women in the world. Support us! Autonomy is at the heart of our mission. That's why we offer educational resources and products that encourage independence. You'll find inspiring books, informative posters and educational tools to help you become the best version of yourself.

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3. Feminism within everyone’s reach

Feminism should not be reserved for an elite. That's why we offer a variety of affordable products that allow everyone to show their support for gender equality. You don't have to be a seasoned activist to make a difference. A simple t-shirt, a poster in your office or a piece of candy to share can help advance the cause.

4. Education and awareness

Our store is not limited to selling feminist products. We are also committed to education and awareness. We offer individual support to get started in entrepreneurship, we finance activist actions and associations every year. We also do a lot of free content creation on our Instagram and blog posts to expand your knowledge on gender and equality issues. We believe that education is a powerful engine for change.

5. Community Support

Finally, our feminist store is much more than just a place of commerce. It is a space of support for the community. We work closely with feminist organizations and movements to advance the cause. Part of our profits is also reinvested in initiatives promoting gender equality, to support feminist associations.

In conclusion, our online store is a place where feminism, empowerment and gender equality come together. We invite you to explore our products, educate yourself and show your support for this essential cause.

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Join us in our mission for a more equal and inclusive world. Because feminism is for everyone, and our store is here to remind you of that.

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