Big Bang Féministe ! ou Comment vivre son féminisme à soi.e ! - Gang du Clito

Big Bang Feminist! or How to live your own feminism!

Become aware of the external constraints that restrict us in our life as women in order to free ourselves from them collectively and begin to decide to consent to our life individually.

Feminist movements are at a pivotal stage. Centuries and thousands of women and men have collectively acted to lift prohibitions and open the fields of possibilities to our lives and our actions as women. The last 50 years have had more impact than the last 20 centuries. What if in this new wave, each of us could also act on our own scale: open the field of possibilities to who we are, to open the field of possibilities to what we do! Discovering that freeing ourselves also happens in our own hands: layers of prohibitions after layers of injunctions, rediscovering that there is a space of freedom where everyone can choose, can choose themselves, or not, and act. A unique space of freedom, different from one person to another.

By coexisting with doubt and uncertainty, which are simply proof that we are well anchored in the real world. And by believing in it: without being 100% sure, but by believing in it with all our heart and all our body. By reappropriating our feelings and our emotions, this inner world that we have long neglected, because it has been devalued as sensitive and feminine, to access our inner compass: a singular sense of orientation which guides our actions towards what is just for us rather than doing “the right thing”. No longer based on external references or restrictive biological functioning, but alongside them: by having confidence in our singularity to free ourselves from models and already pre-made routes. To be your greatest strike force, which you can then choose to deploy with and for others.

Feminist Big Bang.
Every large-scale evolution begins with an inner revolution.

Maud Blondeau

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