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Clitoris Candy: The 100% Vegan Revolutionary Delight

Why invent candy shaped like a clitoris?

Once upon a time there was candy like no other, clitoris candy. You may be wondering what candy has to do with feminism, and that's a great question! These colorful little delights are not only a treat, but also a powerful symbol of female empowerment.

The Origin of Clitoris Candies

  • The creation of clitoris candies is the result of the work of Julia Pietri. Behind this revolutionary idea there is a year of work to succeed in finding an ethical candy manufacturer and to succeed in creating a mold in the shape of a clitoris.
  • Julia Pietri realized that no candy in the shape of a clitoris existed on the market even though on Google she was able to find more than a thousand penis-shaped objects including candies and lollipops.

Equality is also a question of representation

👉 First of all, for fun and humor, of course! There's no reason why there are only "penis" candies, eh?

👉 But above all to break taboos.

These clitoris candies are perfect for starting conversations with a little laugh. Just bring a package to a party, to work, to a hen party, or even to a birthday, and you will cause a sensation. Open discussion guaranteed!

While penis-shaped candy is widely available and accepted, it is rare to find similar products depicting the clitoris. This symbolic disparity reflects the gender inequalities and sexist norms that persist in our culture.

Clitoris candies are testimony to a revolution in progress, that of gender equality. They remind us that the road to emancipation begins with recognizing our own worth. By integrating them into our feminist movement, we affirm our right to freedom, pleasure and autonomy. Clitoral candies are a declaration of self-confidence, self-love and solidarity between women.

Clitoris candy yes but of quality!

Natural and 100% vegan ingredients in clitoris candies. No preservatives or chemical coloring. All dyes are natural

Flavors of orange, passion fruit, lemon, cherry, pineapple and raspberry.

Ingredients : Glucose syrup, sugar, water, concentrated white grape juice; plant extract (Spirulina, Safflower, Elderberry, Red Radish), Carnauba wax, flavors, concentrated apple juice, Apricot, Pear, Vegetable gelatin Made in Germany

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