Ensemble pour lutter contre les stéréotypes de genres dans l’édition. - Gang du Clito

Together to fight against gender stereotypes in publishing.

My name is Julia Pietri, I consider myself a Pop Feminist, that is to say that I use “Pop Culture” in my work to deconstruct gender stereotypes, and make my work more accessible for all. and all.

I am not addressing the convinced. I try to create small “open doors” towards feminism, doors of awakening so that new people enter, and subsequently, begin to unravel the ball of wool of patriarchy by themselves.

It is for this reason that I created my publishing house BETTER CALL JULIA, an independent publishing house, which aims to advance thinking on the issues of women's rights and gender issues, in exploring themes and innovative approaches.

I launched a Children's section to write the books that I would have loved to read when I was little. Books where we find simple and taboo-free answers on the subjects of education and sexual health. Children need to be aware of what is between their legs. Otherwise, how can they be aware of consent and protect themselves? If nothing exists, there is nothing to protect..."

Inclusive and caring, I speak in the first person in my books, a direct link in order to create a bond of trust with young readers.

In The little guide to the sexual pussy - Volume 1 , I talk about consent and the body to little girls and boys aged 4 to 12.

Without preceeding the child's expectations, this book allows you to ask questions to children who will be able to answer them according to their age and maturity. In this book we talk about sex as we talk about the stomach and I invite children to express their emotions, to ask their questions to encourage them to speak without taboo.

We talk about bodies, pee, poop, intimacy, nudity, the discovery of anatomy, self-image, our emotions, hugs, love, babies , but also sorority, brothers and sisters, the importance of mutual respect and even prohibitions. The book ends with the ages of life... What is growing up? And reveals a little about the world of puberty.

Then, I wrote Volume 2 for teenagers.

The little guide to the sexual pussy - Volume 2, for girls and boys. In this book, we talk to girls and boys, it's important.

I speak kindly and inclusively about puberty. I explain emotions, hormone peaks, consent, first times, periods, body hair, HF equality and also how to put on a condom for example...

The illustrator Pauline Deshayes accompanies this guide with magnificent anatomical plates, where we discover the true anatomy of the vulva, the clitoris, the vagina and also the penis of course.

Talking about sex education is in the public interest because it is a question of sexual health for everyone. This short guide advocates gender equality, addresses the notions of identity and freedom, without forgetting to talk about fundamental rights and prevention.

Everything you need to hear to grow in a happy and caring atmosphere is inside!

Sex education is a right. Everyone must receive quality, non-discriminatory information adapted to their maturity since sexuality is present at all ages, it plays an important role in our personal development and our social relationships.

My references:

You can find my books on the site: https://gangduclito.com/

The publishing house's website: http://bettercalljulia.com/

My personal website: https://www.juliapietri.com/

My Instagram: @gangduclito

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