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Intimate Exploration: Julia Pietri's Revolutionary Guides to Inclusive Sex Education

Welcome to the caring world of sexual health through our funny and informative educational books.

At Better Call Julia éditions, sexuality is not a taboo, it is a right for everyone.

Discover our little illustrated guides to intimacy, signed Julia Pietri, a passionate expert who makes sex education a mission of public utility.

The Little Guide to Sexual Pussy - Volume 1: For Children

In this first volume, we delicately approach the essential subject of consent. Without preceeding children's expectations, this guide encourages asking questions and offers answers adapted to each age and maturity. Julia Pietri talks about sex as she would talk about the stomach, inviting children to express their emotions, ask questions, and speak without taboo. Various topics, such as the body, intimacy, nudity, discovery of anatomy, emotions, hugs, love, babies, sisterhood, brothers and sisters, mutual respect, and prohibited, are approached with a unique educational approach. The book concludes by exploring the different stages of life.

The Little Guide to Sexual Pussy - Volume 2: For Teens

Our second volume is aimed at adolescents, a crucial stage in life.

Julia Pietri continues to demystify sexuality by advocating gender equality. It explores the notions of identity, freedom, fundamental rights, and prevention. This guide goes beyond clichés to give teens a complete understanding

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