: La Boutique Engagée pour l'Égalité des Sexes et l'Art Féministe - Gang du Clito The Boutique Committed to Gender Equality and Feminist Art

Discover the Gang du Clito Feminist Boutique: A Universe Committed to Gender Equality

Feminism is more than just a movement, it is a cultural revolution that aims to transform our societies into more equitable spaces for all. And our online store,, stands out as a standard bearer in this fight for gender equality.

Welcome to a world where activism meets art, and where every purchase becomes a gesture for a more inclusive future.

Committed Products for All

The Gang du Clito boutique offers a diverse range of products that convey powerful messages of equality, respect and sisterhood. From clothing to accessories, books to artwork, each item is carefully designed to convey a strong feminist message.

You'll find t-shirts with punchy slogans, artistic posters, educational books, engaged stickers, and much more.

An Engaged and Inclusive Art

Le Gang du Clito is much more than just an online store. Julia Pietri, its founder, uses her creativity to break gender stereotypes and advance feminism. The works of art available in the store are unique pieces that celebrate the diversity and strength of women and help spread messages of emancipation.

Educate and Raise Awareness

One of the essential missions of the Clito Gang is education. The store offers a selection of feminist books for all ages that tackle topics such as sexuality, consent, female anatomy, and more. These books are designed to open important discussions and help individuals better understand issues related to gender equality.

An Engaged Community

The Clito Gang is not limited to its online store. It is an engaged community that regularly organizes events, workshops and campaigns to increase awareness of feminist issues. Following the Gang on social media means joining a movement that strives to create a more equitable world.

Make a Purchase That Matters

Ultimately, the Gang du Clito boutique offers you the opportunity to make purchases that matter. Every product you buy contributes to education, art, activism and change. Explore this unique feminist store and find items that reflect your values ​​and commitment to gender equality.

Join the Gang and be part of the revolution for a more inclusive and respectful future for all.

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