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The Clito gang in ELLE Magazine!


Julia, can you tell us about your journey?

I have solid practical experience, without holding a specific diploma. I have always been an entrepreneur, gravitating around projects linked to art, women, and feminism, in a progressive way. My commitment has evolved throughout my activism. Initially, I was active in the voluntary sector, but after spending a lot of time as a volunteer, I realized that things needed to change, because earning a living is essential.

So I decided to continue working in the field of feminism, because for me it is about crucial issues such as women's emancipation and gender equality, among others. My ambition was to create a publishing house and, more generally, an inclusive feminist community, which I like to call "feminine pop". The idea was to make major academic theories more accessible and to open doors for women and men to get involved in this community of feminism, understanding that it concerns them equally.

This is how “Le Gang du Clito” was born, a committed, lively and colorful brand. I organize various events, publish books and develop other educational products in order to reach people in their daily lives and explain to them that adopting feminist principles can transform their lives, whether within the family , of the couple, at work, in their daily routine, on the street, and much more.

The Clit Gang also has a sexual angle. How did you come to the idea of ​​talking about this issue in particular? Why is it important in feminism to address sexuality?

For me, it was obvious that we had to address the issue of sexuality, simply because we were discussing gender equality. When we talk about gender equality in this way, we inevitably delve into political questions, because it is undeniable that sexuality has become a political issue today. When we analyze these theories more closely, we see that the inequality present in the media and within society between men and women stems in large part from this fundamental biological difference: the simple fact that we do not share the same sex.

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