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Santa Claus is a Woman

Santa Claus is a Woman and it's time to say it!

Who will think about gifts? Who will we call to schedule meal dates? Who will think of the New Year's Eve menu? Who is going to do the shopping?

🎉 62% Women 🎉

👉 In general, the division of tasks and roles between men and women in the preparation of New Year's Eve continues to present unequal features if we judge by the proportion of French women who say they do "more" than their partner in the organization of Christmas meals/parties: 62%!

👉 Even at Christmas, culinary activity remains tirelessly a women's affair... Indeed, the preparation of the main course still falls largely on women: two thirds (63%) say that it is they who are responsible for it. busy last New Year's Eve.

👉 The result of gender socialization which favors the assignment of women to the domestic sphere, this unequal distribution of tasks is reflected in everything that may relate to the preparation of meals (dessert, food shopping, etc.) and especially " good housekeeping" inside a home: 76% say that they are the ones who manage the decoration of the table, and 57% the decoration of the tree.

👉 Men, on the other hand, take more of their part in tasks that are often more socially valued because they involve either a certain “expertise” (40% of them take charge of the choice of alcohol, compared to 24% of women) or force. physical such as carrying the tree (35%) or opening seafood and shellfish (54%).

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Source: Ifop 2022 survey; When Santa Claus is a woman.


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