Le petit guide de la masturbation féminine - Gang du Clito

The short guide to female masturbation

1998, sorry?

My body stopped... I started this
book following a big bad trip, after a good big one
mental slap, the day I learned that the clitoris had
was ONLY discovered in 1998.

Sadly no, that’s not a typo.

See the short guide to female masturbation

The exact anatomy of the clitoris dates back to 1998 in contemporary medicine!

For comparison, Viagra was released the same year; we then already know how to resolve men's erectile problems at the time when we have barely discovered the female pleasure organ. It was at this moment, digesting this astonishing information, that I took
awareness that we were still in the stone age on the subject of medicine
female sexuality.
No one ever told me I had a clitoris! We live in a world that has
deflowered the moon in 1969, a company that plans to go to Mars in 2024,
but, in 2018, we are still in the prehistoric era of knowledge
of the female sex. We are in a world where there are more relationships
scientists on the sex lives of elephants than on our own clitoris.
Today, writing a book on female masturbation is militant, and the
doing it in color is political. Political, because we must claim the right
to equality of sex education and the right to equality of sexual medicine.
Militant, because today, the sexual anatomical part of the woman, that is to say
the clitoris organ is the great absentee of the 20th century

Nourish your body, somnishot, intense pleasure, liberating, letting go, reunion
with oneself... Masturbation is used to give oneself pleasure, it's a story
crazy love with yourself.
It also serves, at the same time, to relax, to de-stress, to let go, to
satisfy one's fantasies but also to find sleep, to alleviate or
even make a headache go away. With good sound experience
body, I think that our masturbation can be a real intimate barometer
of ourselves.
It is a moment that belongs to us, an intimate experience that allows us
to build ourselves, to test ourselves, to know ourselves, to love ourselves. do not forget
not that it is the only sexuality that we will keep throughout our
life. I am convinced that masturbation serves to affirm our being. There
Masturbation is like making love to someone, except the person with
who we make love to is us. Like when we make love, masturbation
has benefits that go beyond sexual pleasure. It allows you to know your
body, to perceive what we like and what we like less. She helps us
take ownership of our body. The appropriation of our anatomy, of our skin, of
our flesh is essential to understanding how we function. Se
Masturbating also means giving yourself time, time for yourself, just for yourself.
It is, for me, a continuation of the thought of the English writer Virginia
Woolf who explained that you have to have your own “room” in order to be able to write
without being disturbed by family members. I noticed in your
testimonies that some women are unfortunately afraid of their bodies,
sometimes even disgust, which can create a real blockage to masturbating.
Is this due to the fact that our sexual organs are almost internal? The report that
we have with our body resonates with our relationship to masturbation,
since masturbation is clearly a “relationship” with ourselves.

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