Les 5 meilleurs cadeaux pour faire à une féministe - Gang du Clito

The 5 best gifts to give a feminist

The most emancipatory

The Little Guide to Female Masturbation by Julia Pietri

Little phenomenon!

This book has already been translated into 3 languages. This powerful book is built on the power of community. More than 6,000 anonymous testimonies are collected there, giving life to stories of experiences and feelings without age or first name. It is a collective exploration of female sexuality that speaks to everyone.


The most festive

Magik'Clito candies

The first clitoris candy in the world, designed in France, 100% Vegan!

But why invent clitoris candies? For fun and humor, of course! There's no reason why there are only "penis" candies, eh?

The most educational

The Little Guides to Sexual Pussy 1 and 2

Committed, inclusive and taboo-free book to talk to children about their anatomy, consent, their identity and their intimacy. Volume 1 for children and Volume 2 for teenagers

The most elegant

The Gold Clitoris Pendant

Every time you wear it, remember that you are part of a movement that celebrates gender equality, respect and autonomy. Your clitoris pendant is a symbol of solidarity, self-confidence and the fight for equality.


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