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Book on Consent: Our Educational Tools to Address the Subject

Immerse yourself in the caring world of sex education with our books on consent. In a constantly evolving society, it is essential to approach this crucial subject in an accessible and appropriate manner.

Discover how our revolutionary educational tools, designed by Julia Pietri, can make a difference in learning about consent.

Consent: A Fundamental Subject

Consent is an essential aspect of any relationship, and it is crucial to discuss it openly from a young age. Our books on consent offer a thoughtful and informative approach to tackling this often delicate topic. Designed by Julia Pietri, these guides provide the tools needed to educate in a positive and respectful way.

Guide 1: The Little Guide to Pussy Sex for Children

Volume 1 of our series is specially designed to introduce children to the concept of consent. By encouraging questions and open discussion, this guide approaches sex with the same ease as other aspects of daily life. From body to love, from nudity to mutual respect, every aspect is treated with sensitivity and inclusiveness.

Guide 2: The Little Guide to Sexual Pussy for Teens

Volume 2 evolves to respond to the concerns of adolescents. It explores the notions of identity and freedom, while emphasizing the importance of mutual respect and prevention. This comprehensive guide supports young people on their journey towards an enlightened and ethical understanding of sexuality.

Why Choose Our Books?

  • Written by Julia Pietri: An expert in sex education who makes the subject accessible and engaging.
  • Inclusive Approach: Our books encourage diversity and address all facets of sexuality.
  • Positive Education: Promotes a healthy understanding of consent and relationships.
  • Independent publishing house: Founded by a woman, our work helps democratize equality to as many people as possible
  • Our low prices: We try as much as possible to offer the lowest price on the market even though our books are very beautiful hardback and bound objects.

Investing in our books on consent is investing in positive sex education. Offer your children and adolescents resources that will guide them with respect and open-mindedness. Discover our groundbreaking guides for open and informed dialogue about consent today.

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