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Magik' Clito: Invention of the world's first clitoris candy

While penis candy is easy to find, clitoris candy is sorely lacking. In order to restore this inequality, we launched Magik'Clito, candies which take the shape of the organ of pleasure to help democratize it.

"I realized that no candy in the shape of a clitoris existed on the internet, whereas, when I typed the keywords 'penis candy' into Google, there were pages and pages of them, penis candy of all kinds. colors, all sizes, and even lollipops..."

Penis candies are sold in thousands of different packets on the Internet, in sex shops, even in certain supermarkets (hello Monop'). A snack that makes you laugh in the evening, and seems to be the essential ingredient of hen parties if American romcoms are to be believed.
However, when we think about gender equality, there is a catch. Because if representations of the male sex are found in the snap of a finger in many food aisles, it is impossible to get your hands on a bag of small gelatinous morsels with the contours of a vulva , ovaries or even: a clitoris .
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