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What is the feminist charge?

We have often heard of “Mental Load”
“Mental load” refers to the additional cognitive and emotional load that women carry in family life. Managing household chores, family planning and coordinating daily activities.
This often includes planning meals, managing medical appointments, supervising children's homework... In short, it's when we carry loads that are not (only) ours, it's exhausting and that's a direct impact on the emotional well-being of women.
But what is the feminist charge?
Ironically, it seems that we are moving from one charge to another in our feminist metamorphosis.
In short, the “Feminist Charge” is the ongoing effort that feminist women carry out in the fight for gender equality and against gender-based discrimination.
It's all the work of deconstructing society, and our lives, through the “emotional work” necessary to break the weight of patriarchy well established in our couples, in our families, with our children, at work, in the street and even with our friends .
In short, it's a full-time job, voluntary of course, often exhausting; because emotional labor is not shared equally.
Who takes the initiative for a discussion to change things?
Who goes to see psychologists for problems in their relationship?
Who ? In addition to doing your own emotional labor, should you take care of your spouse's emotional labor?
But the “Feminist Charge” does not stop there… It is also at the heart of our professional lives: It is an additional weight at work when we have to change our imaginations to no longer face salary discrimination and others. forms of sexism at work. The “feminist charge” is also found in the effort we must make to confront the way our “new” bodies are looked at.
✅ Ok to let go of the hair removal that annoys us; but it's sometimes much more complicated to wear your body hair proudly in the street or at the beach. That’s “feminist charge”
✅Ok for the theory of dressing how you want where you want; but much more exhausting to carry this “feminist load” when you come home alone in the evening.
That's all THE "feminist charge"...
🌸 You understand, the “feminist charge” is the new life for all those who carry the change of equality.
❤️ So let's be nice to ourselves, continue to fight every day but let's give ourselves good, well-deserved breaks to succeed in lasting. Last! To sustain the greatest revolution the world has ever known, the revolution of more than half the planet: The women's revolution. The “feminist charge” is an element of the Bask-lash, it is a structural brake to exhaust the revolution so let's rest regularly, take care of ourselves, this is how we will take care of this magnificent revolution in progress.
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