Manifeste féministe de Julia Pietri - Gang du Clito

Julia Pietri's feminist manifesto

We are not born feminists. We become it.

I am a feminist because I have no choice.

Because a woman is killed every 3 days by her partner, because 73% of household chores are still carried out by women, because a woman is 10 times more exposed to sexist insults, because a woman risks her life by going home alone at night, because I don't want to be afraid anymore. A woman is not raped, she is raped.

I am a feminist because I want to change society.

Because we prohibit men from expressing their emotions, because we put pressure on women who do not want to have children, because only 3 female directors are in the CAC 40, because we do not offer diary for little boys and because we educate women to smile, “with a smile is better”. I want to be able to assert my power with my brain and not with my ass.

I am a feminist by legitimacy.

Because I pay as much taxes as men but I do not have access to the same rights, because the State finances and subsidizes more markets intended only for men, because no hospital is properly equipped to treat my clitoris, because women's sport is not highlighted, because public spaces are still designed for men and one in 5 women are victims of sexual violence during their professional career. Because in the performing arts sector, there are only 9% of directors, yet women represent 52% of society. I no longer want to be forgotten by the state.

I am a feminist for my future children

.Because ordinary sexism begins at home, because we will have to be ready to deconstruct all the sexist injunctions that they bring home from school, because I do not want my daughter to fear men and my son to have afraid of being called a “little girl”. I don't want to maintain the dictionary of the weaker sex and the stronger sex.

I am a feminist out of self-esteem.

Because conventional porn massacres sex, because the dictates of the alpha male destroy men, because in the digital sector only 15% are women, because advertising shows us the breasts and asses of teenage girls 13 years of selling scented candles, because the domination of patriarchal capitalism is devastating our lives. I don't want to continue to be a sex to fuck or sell.

I am a feminist for example.

Because we still say “human rights” to talk about human rights, because women still remain complicit in male dominance, because men still think that having a penis adds neurons to their brain . Because 100% of women admit to having been sexually assaulted on transport, because we still hear in the street: “You drive like a woman” or “Don't cry if you're a man. » I no longer want to settle for leftovers.

I am a feminist by obligation.

Because we live in a world designed for men, because there are still countries where abortion is illegal, because connected speakers are 70% more likely to understand a male voice command, because There are still countries where women are forced into marriage for money and other countries where they cannot go to school when they have their period. I no longer want to live in prehistoric times. I am a feminist out of reverence.

So that women did not fight for nothing, to honor our great-great-grandmothers, our grandmothers, our mothers... Those who made it possible that today I can vote, I can work, I can open a bank account without having to ask my husband. Those who allowed me to be the first generation to be able to easily abort, those who allowed me to not even realize that all these rights are terribly fragile and that we must continue to defend them.

I'm a feminist because everyone should be a feminist

.To become feminist is to abandon oneself to new codes, it is to deconstruct what we have learned to be, it is to open, sometimes break down, the locks of our contradictions. It's giving up a part of yourself to succeed in reinventing yourself.

What feminist do we become?

How can we accept our paradoxes?

Awaken our fears without raising new standards of self-oppression.

It would be meager to move from one prison to another.

As Roxane Gay, author of the book Bad Feminist, explains so well: the perfect feminist does not exist.

I'm a feminist, because otherwise I die.

There is no going back now.

The transformation is underway, the empowerment of my being is delicious, the power of being oneself is addictive, the desire to write oneself becomes inevitable. I feel the power of being a free Woman. So these are reunions. A reunion with myself, but also with my sisters. A collegial awakening, a collective journey, an exploration that gives us a taste for individual and collective metamorphosis every day.

We are not born feminists, we become ones

Julia Pietri

Who is Julia Pietri?

She considers herself a Pop feminist, a mixture of popular and pop culture to democratize the values ​​of feminism to as many people as possible.

Activist artist and founder of the Instagram account “Gang du Clito”.

Creator of the world's first clitoris-shaped candies. (2021)

Provision of free access to digital educational sheets on the clitoris in French, English and Spanish (2021)

At the origin of two activist participatory street art campaigns: It's not a Bretzel (2019) & Merci Simone (2018)

Unveils a Giant clitoris on March 8, 2021 on the Trocadéro square. Then organizes the Clitoris Tour, so that the giant clitoris travels around the world to raise awareness of sexual health and denounce sexual mutilation.

Founder of the Feminist Book Fair in Paris (2021) Author of the political manifesto on the power of women, entitled: The Little Guide to Female Masturbation (2019), now a bestseller

Director of the feminism publishing house Better Call Julia

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