Merci Simone - Affiche Féministe  Gratuite - Gang du Clito

Thank you Simone - Free Feminist Poster

Julia Pietri, the founder of the Clit Gang, was the driving force behind the “Thank You Simone” initiative. She was the one who launched the Merci Simone collective in 2017.

The project was launched with the desire to celebrate Simone Veil, an iconic figure whose memory and achievements continue to resonate. We chose to do it in an artistic way by dotting the streets of Paris with posters marked with the hashtag #MerciSimone, thus creating a visual homage to this icon.

Of course, the ultimate goal of “Merci Simone” is to remind us that the fights led by Simone Veil remain relevant today.

The rights we take for granted are not set in stone, and it is essential that we continue to defend them. Julia Pietri wishes to pass on her legacy to future generations who may be less familiar with her exceptional contribution.

Simone Veil is a legendary figure in politics, and we strive to perpetuate her face and her ideals.

The Merci Simone collective is no longer active but the posters must remain downloadable by everyone.

You will find the free download link for the Merci Simone posters here

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