Mon livre, numéro 1 des ventes Jeunesse 🎉 - Gang du Clito

My book, number 1 in Children's sales 🎉

The very successful sex education book for children!

Committed, inclusive and taboo-free book to talk to children about their anatomy, consent, their identity and their intimacy.

"Children must be aware of what is between their legs. Otherwise, how can they be aware of consent and protect themselves? If nothing exists, there is nothing to protect..." Julia Pietri

The Little Guide to Sexual Pussy : It's a sex education book that talks about consent and sex to little girls and boys aged 4 to 12.

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Without preceeding the child's expectations, this book allows you to ask questions to children who will be able to answer them according to their age and maturity. In this book we talk about sex as we talk about the stomach and I invite children to express their emotions, to ask their questions to encourage them to speak without taboo.

We talk about bodies, pee, poop, intimacy, nudity, the discovery of anatomy, self-image, our emotions, hugs, love, babies , but also sorority, brothers and sisters, the importance of mutual respect and even prohibitions. The book ends with the ages of life... What is growing up? And reveals a little about the world of puberty. 

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Book 17cm x 23 cm, Hard cover with "Gold" printing, 130g Munk paper inside with color printing.

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