Petit Guide de la Masturbation féminine - Tome 2 - Gang du Clito

A Short Guide to Female Masturbation - Volume 2

The Little Guide to Female Masturbation - Volume 2 - Release June 3, 2024

What are we going to do with our revolution?

The feminist big bang that we experienced in our flesh, the one that made us aware of the abnormality of our conditions; of this omnipresent violence against women in a systemic way, this violence that we have all observed in our lives...

We experienced a collective awareness, each on our own, sometimes together but every day.

Excerpt from Julia Pietri's book:

The Little Guide to Female Masturbation - Volume 2 - Release June 3, 2024

We are ex-maids, ex-vaginals, ex-lolitas, ex-genitresses, ex-witches, ex-frigids, ex-silencers, ex-muses, ex-victims, ex- misogynists, ex-slaves, ex-submissives, ex-sacrifices, ex-housewives, ex-complexes, ex-sympathetic people and we want to get out of this ex-world.

We wish to make our absence heard to the world

Did you know that 75% of women do not orgasm through penetration?

The work undertaken for this book may seem insignificant but it is essential to deeply liberate us. Our pleasure is political, political in the noble sense of the word, that is to say how to form society together, how to take pleasure together? How can we install our pleasure in society? Our pleasure, our emotions, our desires must be rethought at the center of the puzzle.

Author Julia Pietri continues the revolution for women with her volume 2 of the Little Guide to Female Masturbation. Its volume 1 has already conquered the hearts of more than 28,000 readers and it is translated into several languages, it is a true clitoral reference

Find a major investigation in this book. The author surveyed 1,350 people for 24 months to establish a snapshot of our post #MeToo intimacy to understand where the clitoral revolution is? 75% of women do not orgasm through penetration? So how is it possible that it is so omnipresent in our sexuality? Where does our desire for penetration come from? This is a world first, no one has looked into the subject before. Julia Pietri investigates this call of the stomach. Between the scientific and cultural avenues, the answers are surprising! You will also find shocking revelations about the sex toys industry. Some chemicals that make up sex toys are even banned in bic pen caps. What are we introducing into our mucous membranes?

As usual, Julia Pietri gives us an intimate book with a thousand voices to make what is not said heard. A feminist book for everyone.

The Little Guide to Female Masturbation - Volume 2 - Release June 3, 2024

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