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Why the little guide to the sexual pussy?

Why order the little guide to the sexual pussy?

In 50 years, women have acquired more rights than in 2000 years of history. It's incredible when you think about it! Let us remember that our grandmothers did not even have the right to vote when they were born.

The feminist revolution in which we are participating is unprecedented.

This feminist revolution is at the heart of intimacy, of our couples and our families. Each new awareness requires real personal work to gradually deconstruct the injunctions that have been instilled in us since childhood. This revolution is exhausting, but so liberating that going back is impossible. Once you start unraveling the ball of wool, metamorphosis is inevitable. Following the release of my first manifesto on the power of women, entitled The Little Guide to Female Masturbation, many parents asked me how to talk about sex with their children? This is a delicate question, but essential to best support the relationship with the body of future generations.

Unfortunately, children are the first victims of sexual assault and rape. As a reminder: 74% of rapes are committed by relatives, 25% of rapes are committed by a family member, 57% of victims are minors.* This is why sex education is a matter of public utility . It is an essential prevention tool.

Talking about sex education is not talking about sexual pleasure. Talking about sex education is talking about sexual health.

Sex education is essential for children because it introduces the notion of consent. Children need to be aware of what is between their legs. Otherwise, how can they be aware of consent and protect themselves? If nothing exists, there is nothing to protect...

This is why it is urgent to write books where the feminine, and consent, have their place.

Why the little guide to the sexual pussy?

I wrote the sex education book I wish I had when I was little. I hope you like it too. It's a book aimed at children aged 4 and up, a book for girls but also for boys! There are no reasons.
It is a book designed to awaken the child to awareness of their own body. It is designed with a flexible reading level depending on ages. You will notice throughout the chapters that I used a lot of open questions. These questions allow you to directly question your child according to their maturity. He is the one who answers according to his age.

The idea is to accompany and not precede his questions. You will often be surprised by his answers. But never judge! Never close the dialogue. It is essential that the child feels free to speak. He must be able to ask all his questions, and confide if necessary.

“The discovery of the body” by the child. We must remove the hyper-sexualization of bodies that we have as adults to succeed in explaining it in a frontal and rational way. I talk about the stomach, the brain, as I talk about sex. I avoid any sacralization to avoid taboos. It's about health and not sexuality, so it's easier to develop a positive image of all parts of our body.

Some reading tips

• Be yourself, if you don't have answers right away, don't hesitate to tell him that you will think about it and answer him later.

• Maintain a dialogue, when the child asks a question, send it back to him, and thus try to find out what he already knows and where he gets his information from. This way you can correct them from the start. Dialogue is better than monologues :-)

• Put yourself in his shoes and don't judge him. Don't hesitate to find the little child you once were. Be honest.

• Do not precede the child, open questions are welcome: “How are you feeling? ", " What do you think ? » or “What do you know about this subject?” »

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Good reading!

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