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Why is sex education a right?

Sex Education: Why Is It a Public Health Issue?

Sex education, we talk about it, we hear about it, but why is it so crucial? Why should it be at the heart of public health concerns? Prepare to dive into a subject that is as important as it is fascinating.

Public Health, A Collective Responsibility

Public health is everyone’s business. It is the collective responsibility to ensure the well-being of every individual in our society. And from this perspective, sex education positions itself as a key piece of the puzzle.

The Basics of Sex Education

Sex education is much more than anatomy and biology lessons. It is a global learning, which encompasses not only the knowledge of one's own body, but also the understanding of relationships, consent, the diversity of sexual orientations, and of course, contraception and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases .

Prevention: A Major Pillar

Prevention of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases is at the heart of sex education. It arms individuals with essential information to make informed decisions about their sex lives.

Reducing Inequalities

Sex education is also a powerful tool for reducing inequalities. By providing equal access to quality information on sexuality, it helps to break gender stereotypes and combat discrimination.

Better Call Julia: Lighting the Way for Sex Education

In this crucial context, Better Call Julia Editions shines like a rising star. Founded by Julia Pietri, also known as Pop'Féministe, this publishing house is dedicated to publishing enlightening works on sexuality, sex education, and gender issues.

A Fresh and Committed Approach

Better Call Julia doesn't just publish books. It breathes new energy into the way we approach sexuality. His works are not only informative, they are also engaging, tackling sometimes delicate subjects with a light and accessible tone.

Revolutionizing Sex Education

By educating and informing, Better Call Julia contributes to a silent but profound revolution in our society. It gives everyone the keys to understanding their own sexuality, to respecting that of others, and to making informed decisions.

A Step towards Emancipation

Sex education is much more than just a matter of public health. It is a step towards individual and collective emancipation. This is the path to a more enlightened, more inclusive, and more egalitarian society.

Together for Sex Education

So, let's be aware: sex education is an investment in our future. It is a question of public health, gender equality, respect for individuals, and autonomy. With initiatives like Better Call Julia, we are on the path to transformation. Sex education is the future, and it is a future that we are building together.

Discover the sex education books from better call julia, there are books for children on consent and others for teenagers on puberty.

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