Protéger les jeunes enfants en leur enseignant le concept de consentement dès leur plus jeune âge. - Gang du Clito

Protect young children by teaching them the concept of consent from an early age.

Julia Pietri is committed to a fundamental mission: to protect young children by teaching them the concept of consent from an early age. His book, "The Little Guide to the Sexual Pussy", aims to approach sex education in a way that is accessible and understandable for children. Through this work, she highlights the importance of talking openly and honestly about the body and consent from a young age.

The author highlights the fact that children must understand their own body in order to be able to protect it and respect that of others. She emphasizes that a lack of discussion on these topics can lead to dangerous ignorance and a lack of understanding of consent. By asking open-ended questions and taking a caring approach, she encourages parents and educators to start conversations about topics often considered taboo.

In "The Little Guide to Sex Pussy", Julia Pietri explores various aspects of sex education, including delicate issues such as reproduction. She believes it is essential not to wait until puberty to address these topics, as it allows children to develop a healthy and respectful understanding of their own bodies and those of others.

Julia Pietri's approach in her book is revolutionary in many ways. By talking about the body and sex in a simple and direct way, she seeks to eliminate all forms of hypersexualization and promote a more enlightened and inclusive vision of intimacy and parenthood. For her, it is not only a feminist revolution, but also a profound change in the way we raise our children and approach issues related to sexuality.

In conclusion, Julia Pietri's "The Little Guide to Pussy Sex" offers a valuable resource for parents, educators and children. By encouraging open and caring discussions about the body and consent, this book helps create a safer and more respectful environment for younger generations.

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