Quand le patriarcat s'invite à table ! [TIPS] - Gang du Clito

When the patriarchy invites itself to the table! [TIPS]

To all those who still dare to tell me that feminism is useless! That today women are free, and that equality is well established in 2022.

To all those who still dare to tell me that patriarchy does not exist! That we must not exaggerate, that we always want more...

To all those who have not (yet) understood that the phallic violence of patriarchy is everywhere. In your street, at your work, in your family, in your relationship, everywhere! Even in your children's school lessons but also in our jokes, in the way you educate your children.

So why are you afraid to demand equality?
Why are you afraid of feminism?
And why do you hate feminists?

Those thanks to whom, women can legally choose their lives, those thanks to whom women no longer belong to their fathers or their husbands.

Do you find feminists too violent? Too radical?

Today, the right to abortion is still threatened, 52 women were killed in France by their spouse in 2022, 100% of women have already been attacked on public transport, 99.9% of rapists are men ...

Which side is the violence on?

To go further, discover the book: We are not born a feminist, we become one

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