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A free chapter 🎁 The great princess

💙 Time is the only thing that truly belongs to us 💙

Our time.

Whether we choose to keep it preciously for ourselves, sell it to a company for a salary, share it happily with our friends, or whether we prefer to give it to others or offer it to a cause; our time is ours alone.

As I naively wrote in my book, The Great Princess: "Maintaining the power of your time is essential to finding the planet of your dreams." I wish you all to find the planet the size of your dreams.

And for that, I would like to insist a little more on women's time. The time of our mothers, our grandmothers, our sisters, our loves, which we too often consider, wrongly, as time at our disposal, at the disposal of the family, the house, the children , available for our heartaches, our troubles or even our health problems.

Even at work, we are paid less, society considers that women's time is less valuable than men's time.

To meditate on this notion, I invite you to read chapter X below of my book The Great Princess: The Planet of Time with Antoinette Fouque. Are you ready to dream?


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