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Gang du Clito

Carl and Elsa escape 🐝

Carl and Elsa escape 🐝

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Carl and Elsa escape 🐝

🐝 Favorite book of the Gang, the illustrations are magnificent!

🐝 With great subtlety, the author represents a duo of boy-girl friends who play in the same way, in complete equality, and above all, in complete normality!

🐝 Carl and Elsa are the best friends in the world. Today, school is closed and they spend the day at Carl's house. After playing with almost everything inside, boredom awaits them. Suddenly, Carl has an idea: “What if we ran away?” » So they gather a blanket, sword, book, sunglasses and other odds and ends and set off on an adventure. But once outside, the garden transforms into a real jungle, full of dangers...

🐝 Written by Jenny Westin Verona & Jesus Verona. Translated from Swedish by Marie Valera Translated from Swedish by Marie Valera

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