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Gang du Clito

Anatomical sheets of the clitoris - To download

Anatomical sheets of the clitoris - To download

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🎉 The clit gang offers educational tools to democratize the true anatomy of the clitoris, vulva and breasts for everyone.

1️⃣ Digital Version.

You will receive the file by email after your order.

Download the files directly to your computer and print them in the formats you want. (Also available in paper version on the site)

🎉 Anatomical illustrations of the vulva, breasts, the clitoris at rest, the clitoris when erect, the clitoris-vaginal complex, a little history too, a poster from the It's not a Bretzel campaign.

🎉 Educational tools that teachers can use to teach sex education classes.

✨ Additionally, don't miss our "It's not a Pretzel" campaign poster to add a touch of humor to your learning.

Our sheets are specially designed for teachers wishing to provide comprehensive and informative sex education lessons.

Make sex education a positive and informative experience with our educational tools.

Let's change the world! 💪📚

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