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Gang du Clito

“Bad Bitches Only”, the feminist game

“Bad Bitches Only”, the feminist game

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🎲 This iconic game box from the Gender Games edition celebrates women and gender minorities who have left their mark on history and pop culture 🔥

The goal ?

🎲 Have your team guess as many personalities as possible in less than a minute

🎲 Describe, mime or draw Beyoncé, Edith Cresson or even Frida Kahlo to win the game!

This game is ideal for:

  • Invite your friends for an aperitif
  • Feminize your culture (and that of your loved ones)
  • Get giggles when a friend has to mime Angela Merkel (in real life, how would you do it?)
  • Practice describing women without talking about their husbands or fathers because that's forbidden in the game!  (like Yoko Ono, not to mention John Lennon)
  • Give a feminist gift to your best friend for girl power evenings (or to your uncle who you want to “educate” in feminism)

In the game you have:

  • 245 cards with the names of women and trans & non-binary people for hours and hours of games
  • 5 blank cards to add your own heroines 💪
  • 1 Bad Dico to find out who all the figures in the game are!

Designed and produced entirely in France

  • with FSC-certified French paper, which ensures sustainable forest management
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