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Better Call Julia

Bag of 7 Gangduclito stickers ⚡️ Feminism & clitoris

Bag of 7 Gangduclito stickers ⚡️ Feminism & clitoris

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🌟 Mini-Bag of Feminist Stickers with 7 super badass stickers!

The Clito Gang mini sticker bag is finally re-printed and ready to light up your world 🎉.

🎨Variety Design : From sparkling holographic paper to shimmering glitter to mirror effects, these stickers offer a variety of styles to suit your creativity.

Weather Resistance : They are designed to withstand everything from the sun's rays to the harshest storms, ensuring that your feminist message remains intact.

Designed with Love : Each sticker is a work of love from the Clito Gang, created to inspire and celebrate the power of women.

Show Your Commitment : Stick them on your mobile, your computer, your fridge, your skateboard, your notebooks or share them in the street. Make your voice heard for equality and girl power!

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