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Gang du Clito

Pack 🍩 Discovery of Feminism

Pack 🍩 Discovery of Feminism

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The 🍩 Discovery of Feminism pack . 3 items

🔹 From 16 years old.

🔹 Want to discover or introduce someone to feminism?

🔹 This pack is ideal for anyone who is starting to become interested in feminism.

🔹 What is feminism? Why is feminism for girls and also for boys? How does this translate into our daily lives?

🔹 This pack is ideal for starting to unravel the patriarchy with education and good humor!

This pack contains:

 The book: You are not born a feminist, you become one by Julia Pietri

What is it to be a feminist today? Julia Pietri gives a voice to women and men who question feminism today. Highlights in the history of feminism, new demands, positions taken, testimonies from personalities and anonymous people, inspiring initiatives, new surveys... an uncompromising overview of feminism and its questions.

The pack of 5 Posters + 1 Anatomical chart of the clitoris

Pop' and committed posters to decorate your interior and assert your values ​​"loud and clear"! Educational and fun, a great way to talk about feminism. A box with 7 committed posters inside.

A packet of Magik'Clito Candies

Nothing better to start a discussion! But what is it ? Clitoris candies to savor, to place on a table casually 😂. Who will be able to find out what it is? No chemical coloring or preservatives. (Vegan)

Looking for a gift that inspires, educates and celebrates gender equality? Do not search anymore ! Our Feminist Pack is the perfect gift for you, a friend, or a loved one.

This thoughtfully designed bundle includes a collection of unique feminist products that break gender stereotypes with humor and kindness.

Whether you intend it for a woman, a man or any non-gendered being, our pack sends a clear message: gender equality is everyone's business, and female emancipation is a common goal. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, spreading values ​​of equality, respect and empowerment.

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