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Gang du Clito



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🌼 A funny children's book to put an end to injunctions to masculinity!

🌼 One morning at Solal's house, Pat appears, a hairy monster who has funny ideas about how to behave when you're a boy. What Patatouille! Fortunately, Solal will help him feel better… and freer.

🌼 In “Patatouille”, the author and illustrator Tiffany Cooper tackles the injunctions to masculinity that weigh on little boys from childhood by personifying patriarchy into a big smelly monster.

🌼 From 3 years old

🌼 Written by Tiffany Cooper

🌼 Éditions Paspourdubeurre - Hardcover album, 36 pages, 16.5 x 21 cm.

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