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Gang du Clito

The animals

The animals

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🐯 Animals

🐯 Let's change imaginations by changing the codes of our children's books.

🐯 Ages 3 and up with beautiful illustrations.

🐯 Gang’s favorite!

🐯 In picture books for toddlers, females are referred to when they represent motherhood (the cow, the hen), are prey of humans or males (the gazelle, the antelope) or have become demeaning terms in everyday language (the weasel, the hyena, the ostrich, the sow). For the rest, and in particular power, predation, speed and intelligence, the male is king and the masculine is the universal neutral. However, lions can be lionesses and horses can be mares!

🐯 Written by Fred L. High talent edition 18 pages • 17 x 17 cm

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