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Gang du Clito

Pack 🌱 Nugget equality 4-12 years

Pack 🌱 Nugget equality 4-12 years

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Pack 🌱 Equality nugget (4-12 years)

🌱 Ideal pack for great reading shared with your children.

🌱 Let's rethink the codes of our children's books, with humor and kindness!

🌱 Once upon a time... feminism in children's books.

🌱 Reference books in this field.

This pack contains:

🌱 The Little Guide to Sexual Pussy, Volume 1 by Julia Pietri

Committed, inclusive and taboo-free book to talk to children about their anatomy, consent, and their intimacy. " Children must be aware of what is between their legs. Otherwise, how can they be aware of consent and protect themselves? If nothing exists, there is nothing to protect... " Julia Pietri

🌱 The Great Princess

“The Little Prince” Feminist version. The princess leaves her small planet to look for a large planet the size of her dreams. During her journey, she will land on eight extraordinary planets inhabited by extraordinary women. From Simone Veil to Rosa Parks, each of them will offer her great life lessons to guide her in her quest.

Give your children an education based on equality, respect and empowerment.

This pack includes a carefully chosen selection of children's books that break gender stereotypes and encourage girls and boys to dream big. It's the perfect gift for cultivating strong, enlightened minds from a young age. Inspire change with reading!

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